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How can I get my refund?

7 answers
Refund how do I receive my refund from your company please I flew last year in may I’ve still but recurved it
I want to cancel my reservation and refund. I called a lot of time,but no one pick up the phone. How can I cancel with refund ?
I pay too much for change flight and seat I don’t get the seat I pay for I change flight was emergency because I was very seek
My booking # 200-66*-*** I cancel my flight 5mins booking incorrect date on October 31. When can I get my refund?
I thought I made reservations with American Airlines but it didn’t confirm! I need a refund from Justfly for the selection of seats!
According to the JustFly Faq page, in order to cancel your booking, you should:
  • Sign in to My Bookings from the homepage;
  • Select View My Booking;
  • In the Menu on the left select Cancel Booking;
  • At this point, you will be presented with available options, depending on the airline policy, which may include a refund and/or a Cancellation Without Refund;
  • Once decided please proceed by selecting View Details;
  • To complete your request, please confirm all the details and select a method of payment;
  • Once you have confirmed all the information and selected a method of payment select Submit and the request will be complete.

If you are eligible for a refund and have chosen the refund option, JustFly will immediately initiate the refund process.
Once your refund is processed, your financial institution may take up to 7 days to issue the credit to your account, and up to 2 billing cycles for the credit to show on your statement.
@Maggie Grant "JustFly will immediately initiate the refund process" Not in the slightest. Justfly is a dishonest OTA (check this site and many other review sites.
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Where is the first leg for my return journey

Anitha P Rua

I booked a round ticket from Houston to Athens and back to Houston Booking Reference number 3KX9GL I don’t see Athens to London details in British airways website I only see London to Houston. JustFly phone is not answered by anyone. I need help to travel on July 27th for my return journey

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How can I change my flight date?

Luz G Cej

My sister was diagnosed with breast cancer and I want a few more days to be in Mexico to support her

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How do I select the region t update payment

Tanesha R Thn

I need to update my payment but the box that ask me to select region does not open and I need it to do so in order to update the payment how do I go about this

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Change flight

Sandra C Udo

Is there Fee change flighttime on same day to later flight same day looking ho later trying get cust svs its impisdible get snyone on phones help Please b

0 answers

Terrible company

Stephanie D Trd

You guys are simply horrible company to even do business with. Hiring people whom speak and understand the job really rates low on Justfly.This is my first and LAST I will deal with this place & I will advise my friends & coworkers!!!

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Is my tgrip is conform


Thas is my question i haven have eny answer wha is apiniing to mu fly trave. please l give some answer. justy fly booking number 301 84****.

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How can I get the tickets I paid for issued to the airlines??? ref. 205-94*-***

Daryl G Ckw

The flights on SAS were purchased thru Justfly on March 15. (Morrow and Santiago) Now when I went online with SAS to confirm the booking, they told me no such tickets were issued - they were CANCELLED!!

And that I had to contact justfly to get my tickets issued. But I can't get thru to Justfly - no one picks up.

No one answers my emails. Help!!

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Flight changed

Pam M Rtj

I have a return flight on Volaris for Friday 5/27/22 from Cancun to Denver that was changed by Volaris that doesn’t work for me. I need to be in Denver by Friday night. What can I do?

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I did get a ticket yesterday within 24 hours I want to cancel it and get different date

Samira f Jkr

I did get my ticket yesterday and I need to get a different ticket with a different date. Could please contact me today.

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i would like to know about my flight with carribbean airlines to Jamaica

Cheryl M Yro

Hi my name is cheryl Mitchell Griffith o book a flight with carribbean air line to jamaica for the 13th off June to the 17 of June i trying call to confirm my flight and a answering machine said to me that there are some changes to my flight i will like to k ow what changes there are.

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Make a complaint on a representative.

Markeysia W

Terrible experience with a representative. He did not know the proper information to give me.

I had to explain his job to him. He was very impatient durning the middle and end of the call I felt like I was being rushed off the phone, due to his lack of knowledge on the information he should know.

He waisted my time and I still did not get any flight booked. Representative name: Mustafa Taha

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Please cancel insurance on the ticket

Kalawatie B

I just booked a flight and I didn't booked insurance but was charged. I am 68 years old I dont need insurance on my ticket.

I need to cancel the insurance part. Please help me.

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Rebook a flight or refund my amount

Bishnu B Fvm

Hi my name is Bishnu Bhujel I have an existing reservation of 5 passengers included myself I want to re book a flight from same ticket and my ticket are open it by delta airlines finally!my booking confirmation number is G97EEV this is my last year booking flight this time I want to book new flight with additional passengers if possible give me a call 616215****

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Changed itinerary

Verlyn I Bqw

noticed that our arrival from Narita to boston arrival was changed to June 11,2022 from June 10, 2022 . Why was it changed.

Does it mean that we need to layover for more than 24 hours in Narita Japan. Can you please call me 207-249****.

We don’t want that long layover. Thank you.

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I payed for a refund and not refund

I canceled a flight within 24 hours through Justfly number 206-94*-***. In order to be sure of getting a refund, I also filled out justfly 75$ charge for cancellation.

All they did was charge my credit card. Now I have the 75 charges from justfly and the ticket charge is still on my credit card account.

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Why I have been changing $160.92?

Kimana H

There is a extra fee $160.92 charge in my credit card, I would like to why? I only bought for 4 people tickets with protection plan.

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How can I can get my refund

Nasratullah A

I booked two flights from Washington DC to Istanbul, then to Dubai, one is return ticket, the other one is not the return on, one ticket shows that was cancelled for Nasratullah Abid and the other one was approved and the Turkish airlines just landed Sana Abid in Istanbul and didn't reached to her final destination Dubai, I want my refund for the subject flight that is supposed to be reached to the Dubai.

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Book with credits

Melody W Bou

Trying to rebook online with my credits. Won’t let me so I’m calling and calling and calling and nothing.

My credits expire on the 32st.

I’ve been calling for weeks with nothing ! I need HELP ASAP !!!!!

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I need your help

Silvia P Gvp

I am Silvia Pupo and I need help with my credit for a canceled ticket because I received an email saying that’s need my attention but I have already requested new dates but I have not received any response and the expiration date to use the credit is 4/30/2022, references # 182 83* ***. Please if you can help me with that I also look forward to your response!

Sincerely Silvia Pupo! Thank you!!

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